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Most robbers believe stations have a reasonable amount of cash on hand and that is largely unprotected by alarms, security screens and other deterrents. The first step in making the workplace safe from possible armed robberies is the proper management of the station. To Station Managers and Dealers, we need to make the station unsuitable for a successful robbery to occur.

How you prepare and equip your staff in deterring and handling robberies will make a big difference in your staff and customers’ lives. It all starts with recruiting and training the right people. Glad to say I have written a module which some of its contents I will post soon (or maybe after this article) and all Station Managers, Staff and Dealers should read and practice diligently.

Retail Security At Its Best

Proven best practices I strongly encourage business partners, dealers to observe:

  • When the Station Manager and / or any Station Supervisor leaves for good, make sure you get the gas station’s keys back. If keys are missing, change the locks.
  • If the Station Manager leaves under difficult circumstances, it may be wise to change the locks, safety vault combinations and cash handling procedures (this is worth knowing and consult me through IM if you need advise here).
  • If possible, safety vault combination should be changed whenever a Station Manager and / or Station Supervisor resigns or is replaced.
  • In the majority of workplaces, the target for criminal activities is the cash-handling area.
  • Excess cash in the cash register is the number one cause of robbery. Limit cash and publicize that fact! Good signages are clear, visible, and standardized to make the robber think twice or more.
  • Robbers target stores with easy access to cash and easy escape routes.

These are proven best practices dealers, station managers and station crew must observe when an employee, specially from management levels resign from his job.

On cash handling procedures…
  • Keep the cash change to a minimum.
  • Avoid depositing cash from the cash drawer into the safety vault when there are customers.
  • Empty the cashier drawers frequently and at irregular intervals.
  • Keep the money out of the customer’s sight.
  • Never discuss earnings in public.
  • Keep a minimum amount of cash on the premises and advertise it.
  • Do not advertise your profits.
Oil and Gas Retail - Retail Security
  • Never flash large rolls of money.
  • Avoid routine. Your staff transporting cash should not wear a uniform identifying the business.
  • Vary routes to the bank.
  • Provide credit facilities to reduce the amount of cash held.
  • Require as much as possible exact money in transactions.
  • Use time-controlled safety vaults and advertise it.
  • Use the register’s system which is set on the minimum cash level.
  • Ensure you have a system that all staff must follow.
Cash transport provided by depository banks

Cash transport in the absence of debit machines that are provided by depository banks, when contracted out with licensed security firms…

  • Staff involvement should be minimized,
  • Staff should be made aware of the precautions to be taken for their safety.
  • Staff should be told that the guards employed on cash transit duties should be in the uniform of the security company contracted.
  • ID should be displayed before collection of cash.
  • If a staff member has any suspicion that the guard is not genuine – the guard should not be directly confronted. The police and security company should be alerted at the first opportunity.

If not contracted with a security firm…

  • Use an unmarked bag to carry the cash.
  • Vary the route taken whenever possible.
  • Don’t make stops or do other errands en route.
  • Rotate task so that it is not always the same person.
  • Take an escort to accompany the person carrying the money whose role is to be an uninvolved witness who can raise the alarm.
  • Travel by private car rather than on foot or by public transport.

To a safer workplace for you, your employees, and patrons for best business results. Your thumb-up and comments are greatly appreciated.

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