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The Service Station

In the Oil and Gas Downstream Retail organization, the retail business is the most lucrative and yet the most intrinsic business one will truly care about. The Gasoline Service Station is the ultimate realm of any Oil Company since it strategically showcases the company’s products, services and ultimately, it’s brand. It is where engineering innovation and marketing savvy come into play.

DEAJ Oil and Gas Consulting is here to offer its expertise in Retail Management through its prime consultant, Dominic Hilario E. Javier. He has harnessed his talents and experiences through his employment and association with major oil companies in the retail business. He is tuned to address issues and concerns with a global mind given his work exposure in oil companies in South East Asia, the Pacific and Central Africa.

Since our strength is on the Downstream Marketing Retail, we offer our consulting services in Retail Operations Management, Retail Network Development and Risk Awareness and Assessment.

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Oil and Gas Downstream Retail

Our Strength

Retail Operations Management

Oil and Gas Downstream Retail Network Development

Retail Network Development

Oil and Gas Downstream Retail Risk Awareness and Assessment in Service Stations

Risk Awareness Assessment

Marketing Retail is a significant revenue stream in the oil and gas downstream industry, however is proven to be the most detailed and challenging sector in the industry. Strategic planning, tactical execution and creative implementation of retail programs and processes are crucial to stay effective in every community you serve.

Dominic Javier (Retail is Detail Book)

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Work Experiences – 24 years in the oil and gas downstream retail industry (1993-2018);

Knowledge Management – Oil and Gas Downstream Professional Education with BS in Business Administration and Accountancy and MA in Business Economics;

International Accreditation – Various Management and Development Trainings, and Safety Certifications.

Dominic Javier

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