Risk Awareness and Assessment


In support to the day to day business operations of the client’s oil company, DEAJ’s Risk Awareness and Assessment Program provides services in integrating the required awareness and assess tools to address potential business and operational risks the client faces. It will help bridge safety audit findings to Personal Injuries, Equipment and Property Damage, Product (Quantity/Quality) Losses, Regulatory Assessments, Operational and/or System Inefficiencies and Near Losses.

Our Services

RAA Overview

DEAJ Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail Risk Awareness Assessment Overview Consulting
  • Uncovering Risks in Work Places
  • Behavior Based
  • The Station Audit
  • Awareness Integrated
  • Assessment Analyzed
  • When to Apply RAA
  • Safety, Health and Environment

Desired Behavior

DEAJ Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail Risk Awareness and Assessment RAA Philosophy SHE
  • Adaptability Behavior
  • Leadership By Example
  • Performed in Briefings and Shift Turnovers
  • Participative
  • Proactive
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Job Expert Approach

Tools Required

DEAJ Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail Risk Awareness and Assessment RAA Philosophy SHE
  • Mapping Risk Board Development and Implementation
  • Pocket card Guide Development and Implementation
  • Observations Form Development and Implementation

Our Process

As your business consultant, DEAJ Oil and Gas Retail Consulting provides studied and proven solutions helping companies improve their operations capabilities and business processes to reduce costs and to eventually optimize their assets at the soonest possible time. DEAJ will provide services to measure capital stewardship and analyze its existing organization to ensure the best fit in enabling the oil company to best optimize its assets.

In line with Capital Stewardship and Asset Optimization, DEAJ will provide metrices on human resources capability and development. We will provide services on establishing organizational structures on roles, delegation of tasks and accountabilities, establish work schedules, supervise staff, monitor and evaluate performances to eventually achieve the desired goal of the client in having a reliable and capable organization.

Thereafter, DEAJ will provide services to develop and execute work flows and solutions in addressing safety and near loss/misses issues in the gasoline service station and other work places of the oil company.

Business Advisory and Consulting Services

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