The Retail Network Development


The Retail Network Development services of DEAJ Oil and Gas Consulting offers research services and build-up recommendations on the retail and commercial network development of its client’s oil company. As your Business Consultant, the strategic intent will be the emphasis in analyzing the gasoline service stations and convenience retailing management. Retail and commercial trade analysis, fuel depot and lubricant warehouse location feasibility studies are amongst the services offered.

Likewise, DEAJ will guide and advise its clients on the planning, directing and coordination of the various retail network development aspects of the oil company. We, therefore, will be responsible in assessing the performances and guide in improving the various processes from white paper to the final execution. We assure to ascertain productivity and efficiency, and to come up with improved processes that eventual will make the oil company more strategic with a competitive edge in the business.

Our Services

Site Prospecting Survey

DEAJ Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail Consulting Network Development Site Prospecting Survey
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Traffic Count and Sales Volume Projection
  • Profit and Loss Statements for Retailer

Economic Analysis

  • Trading Area and Market Area Analysis
  • Traffic Count and Sales Volume Projection
  • Profit and Loss Statements for Retailer
  • Investments Estimate of the Project
  • Investments Economics

Retail Investment Proposal

  • Executive Summary
  • Context and Strategic Interest
  • Trading Area/Marketing Area Maps
  • Commercial Environment and Competition
  • Traffic Count and Volume Projection
  • Real Estate Details
  • Project Details and Commercial Objectives
  • Technical Details and Environmental Aspects
  • Project’s Sustainable Development Profile
  • Proposed Project Drawing
  • Investment Estimate of the Project
  • Financial Aspect of the Project
  • SWOT Analysis

Our Process

DEAJ consulting methodology is based on interviews with the owner and/or the management team. A series of observations will be conducted and the output of the interviews and observations will form the initial assessment on the business performance of the client’s oil company.

The services cover the selection process, the development process and the long-term partnership with the dealers/franchisee of the service stations. Strategic partnerships also includes distributors of the commercial networks of fuels, lubricants, LPG and LNG.

Thereafter, a recommendation on the proposed services outlined above will be submitted with the timelines, processes, required resources, expenses and consultancy cost for the client’s approval. In addition to the interviews and observations, DEAJ will require financial statements, management accounting data, operational procedures and human resources policies.

And finally, DEAJ and The Client will agree on the terms and conditions by signing The Service Agreement.

Our Objective

In essence, DEAJ will understand the processes, existing policies and underlying issues its client faces. We will provide the services identified above, in formulating and implementing retail network development policies, processes and procedures to ensure best locations and build designs are achieved.

Business Advisory and Consulting Services

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