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The Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Partner was established to offer consulting services in the Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail industry.

DEAJ Oil and Gas Consulting is a subsidiary of DEAJ Investments LLC.  Its consulting services focus on Retail Operations Management, Retail Network Development and Risk Awareness and Assessments in Service Stations.

Having acquired a wealth of experiences and knowledge in the Oil and Gas industry in the Downstream Marketing sector, DEAJ Oil and Gas Consulting further offers its expertise in Business Development and Project Management; Capital Stewardship and Asset Optimization; and Loss Prevention Management. 

Oil & Gas Retail Consulting DEAJ Investments LLC
DEAJ Investments LLC

Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Partner – The Business Consultant

Dominic Javier is an accomplished corporate executive with a strong background in the Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing Retail industry.

He has demonstrated his ability to effectively grow the commercial networks and consequently the brand of various oil companies. Consequently, he has worked in various corporations in Caltex, Chevron and Total in the Philippines, and PTT Oil in Thailand. He has also worked in national oil companies in Indonesia and Central Africa.  

Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Business Consultant Dominic Javier
Dominic Javier

He has likewise acquired global competencies in Marketing, Finance, Business Development, Brand Development, Risk Assessment – Safety, Health and Environment  Management,  Retail Network Development and Project Management, Sales and Account Management, Dealer and Employee Training, Dealership and Transport Management.

He has established a solid and reputable career in the Oil and Gas Downstream Marketing industry for over 24 years!

The Company

Dominic is the owner and Chief Executive Manager of DEAJ Investments LLC (DEAJILLC), the holding company. DEAJILLC owns and manage @ilovevending , a vending machine and micro-market provider and operator in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) established in 2017 in the State of Texas. You may learn more about @ilovevending at

Recently, DEAJ Oil and Gas Consulting was established in April 2023 also in Texas, and will thrive to grow and excel in this line of consultancy.

Reaching out for your consulting needs, visit us at

Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Experiences and Work Affiliation

And, for the past 24 years now, Dominic has worked in various oil companies particularly in the marketing-retail business and has been assigned in the growing economic areas such as in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and in Central Africa. He has definitely acquired great wealth of knowledges and valuable work experiences in the oil and gas downstream retail industry. And above all, as a business consultant and expatriate who has dealt with business people of various regions, he has harnessed a behavior to adapt and thrive with cultures and distinct behaviors overtime.

Moreover, he has never stopped learning current trends and issues in the oil and gas downstream marketing industry as he manages DEAJ Investments LLC.

Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Caltex
Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Chevron Corporation
Oil & Gas Retail Consulting Total Corporation
Oil & Gas Retail Consulting PT AKR Corporindo Tbk
Oil & Gas Retail Consulting SGC Investments Ltd.
Oil & Gas Retail Consulting PTT Oil Corporation

Consequently, Dominic earned his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines in 1993. And, his Master Degree in Applied Business Economics from the University of Asia and the Pacific in 2000. Just after college, a turning point in his life, he started his career in the Oil and Gas with Caltex Philippines Incorporated. He was the Corporate Cashier and a Banking Assistant in the Treasury Division.